A Python implementation of German Whist

The other available German Whist software implementations (notably the one by MeggieSoft) are shareware. First of all, this means that you will eventually have to pay for it. Secondly, it means that it is not free software, so you cannot learn from the source code and cannot modify and release your own variation. PyGermanWhist is released under the GPL(v3) so you can modify and distribute the source as much as you want. PyGermanWhist is also written in Python, a good language that is relatively easy to learn. So it should not be that difficult to learn or rewrite.

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The current version of PyGermanWhist is 0.92 Beta. Here is why it is Beta:

The Windows binary was packaged with PyInstaller. PyInstaller website

To use the program:

To execute the script:

On Windows, just double click 'GermanWhist.pyw'.

On other platforms, open up a terminal in the script directory and type 'python'.
Alternatives: (this works on Linux at least) make '' executable and then just double click it. Other alternatives involve associating this script with Python possibly in combination with the last alternative.

If you don't know how to play German Whist or have never heard of it, here is a link to the standard rules (it is a lot like Spades):

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Have fun!

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